Life in Montana Through A Lens

Life to Now…

Ok…maybe this thing is a waste of time.  It doesn’t get near the attention it needs.  In fact, I don’t remember to update it unless somebody decides to follow it.  I must be way to busy to keep a blog going on a regular basis.

Course, I was never really good at keeping a diary, either.


“Spare Time”

So I guess I should keep up with this thing a little “moore”. It’s just that I forget about things like this when I get busy with life. Maybe during this winter, when the evenings get darker sooner.

Many of my contemporaries have blogs, and they seem to have the time to update them on a regular basis.  I suppose I could find a few moments during the week to do that.  We’ll see how things go.

Life here is amazing tho – so much to see, and so few hours in the day.  It seems that there is something around every corner that deserves to be photographed.  As David has pointed out time and time again, “It’s a really good thing that things went digital, or we’d be broke”.

I found out this week that a photo I took this year will be the featured cover for the 2012 “Russell Country Travel Guide”.  I’ve been submitting for this publication for several years, and have had photos published on the inside, but this will be my first cover for them.  The exposure will be incredible, as this is mailed to tourists all over the world.  I’m ecstatic.

Once again, Advanced Litho will also be using 14 of my photos for their desk calendar.  I guess I’m doing something right.  People seem to enjoy seeing Montana through my eyes.

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