Life in Montana Through A Lens


Dreams can come true…

Welcome to the blog.  I’ve had several people ask me to set up a site so that they can see some of the photos that I take and hear about life here in Montana, so I figured I’d set up a blog.  Please be advised that all photos are low-resolution and copyrighted.

To begin with, David and I moved here in September of ’05 from Austin, Texas.  We actually moved here from Pflugerville, but very few people outside of the area have even heard of Pflugerville, so it’s easier just to say Austin.

What brought us here?  A dream.  A dream, and the ambition and wherewithal to make that dream a reality.

We began visiting our friends, Lee & Larry and their daughters, in Livingston, Montana back in the 90s, and every time we came to Montana, it grew harder and harder to go back.  Thus began our search for the perfect place.

At one point, Lee and Larry and the girls moved to the Belt/Highwood area.   In April of ’02, we received a call from Lee.  She had found it – the place we’d been looking for – a 5k square foot log house with cathedral windows, on 20 acres, in a secluded coulee – and…it was next door!  She emailed us the listing.

David had me on the next flight to Great Falls.  As I drove out to the house, a million thoughts were racing through my mind.  Did we really belong here?  Could we leave everything and everyone behind?  Those and so many more were answered in a heartbeat as I topped the hill and saw it in the distance.  I knew the answers immediately.  Lee said she could hear me hollering all the way to her front porch, where she waited for me.

The rest is history.  Every moment that we spend in this house feels like we’re on vacation.  We have our own little piece of heaven where we can escape and leave the rest of the world behind.


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